Sunday, January 15, 2006

Heavens Above!

How many are there do you think? One, two, three or more? Perhaps even an infinite number of heavens! Let’s face it, we’ve had to put up with hundreds of gods throughout history and I’ve heard at least three of them reside up there somewhere. I can’t imagine only one heaven shared by all the gods, after all, given the degree of violence depicted and advocated in the guide books of the major religions, it seems logical to assume that warlike deities such as Jehovah and Allah would be at each others throats if they had to share a heaven!

I suppose, of course, they could divide heaven up with clearly defined borders but that too would pose problems of encroachment just like their followers down here perpetrate. In addition, given the screw-up record of the gods here, it seems inevitable that soul transportation errors would occur. Imagine spending all your life as a devout Christian only to end up in the Allah sector of heaven! What would the policy be? Would a soul have to stay in Allah heaven until a Muslim transit foul-up happened and then be traded at some heavenly version of Checkpoint Charlie?

I don’t know…it all seems a bit dubious to me, even if each god had his very own separate heaven, there’s only one Earth so the soul-transit problem would still exist. It’s all very confusing isn’t it?

You know what…to hell with it, I think I’ll stay here.


Anonymous pronghorn said...

I'm not Muslim but I hope to become a victim of a soul transit mistake you mention. I want 72 virgin angels with tits like that when I get to heaven!

11:43 am  

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