Friday, January 13, 2006

Change Or Die

Change is a fundamental feature of nature, the Universe is expanding, evolution continues, the rule is simple: change or die. In spite of our own foolishness, in spite of religion’s attempt to control and hold us back, humankind has progressed and continues to progress. Unless we self-annihilate, this natural state of affairs will be the death of religion, it will die because it is static and must remain so.

The only way for any religion to live on is to change, it must meet the changing needs of its followers and keep pace with progress. Of course, this cannot happen because religious dogma would have to be altered, bibles and other guide books rewritten to be less fantastic and nonsensical, more in line with fact than fiction. For obvious reasons this will not happen and religion will therefore eventually die, a lingering death perhaps, but a certain one.

I will take some time yet – it’s been around a long time – but the signs are there already. Here in the UK, religion is virtually moribund among educated people; even young children are stating their non-belief.

Don’t be fooled by the apparent upsurge in fundamentalism in the USA, the president may be dumb enough to actually believe it, but most of his handlers and controllers will not, they know that it’s the correct political stance because it gives them “heavenly” control of the largely uneducated believers. In addition, religion helps enormously with the maintenance of the number one domestic policy rule, which is to keep the rich people happy and ensure that the poor people live in fear, either of a vengeful God or a bogeyman like Osama Bin Laden.

Frightened people are easily controlled and thinking about bogeymen keeps them from thinking about other issues the government don’t want them to consider. Creating something for the masses to fear has been a favourite diversionary tactic of power mongers and religious leaders through the ages.


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