Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Illusion of Freedom

Shortly after 9-11, Noam Chomsky predicted that many governments would use the so-called “War on Terror” as an excuse to apply stringent restrictions on their populations. What he said has largely come to pass already and further measures are underway to impose even stronger control over us. Nothing to do with terrorism of course, just the power mongers tightening their grip and adhering to the dictum that a frightened, tightly controlled public is more easily fooled and less likely to ask probing questions.

If you live in the UK or the USA, you probably think you live in a free country but you don’t – you never have; it’s just that your freedom is quite a bit less than it used to be. Having lived in both these countries, I see that Britain is less free than America and its people more easily suckered by their government, just look at the coming identity card nonsense; they will make all of us carry one and make us pay for them! If that happens you can kiss even the illusion of freedom goodbye; you’ll be living in a police state.

He was wrong about the date, but Orwell had it right. The unseen power mongers own the media and pull the strings of their political puppets but are wise enough to keep themselves out of the limelight, they use the media to feed us bullshit designed to make us think the way they want us to. We’re led to think we live in a democracy but since democracy is government for the people by the people, then it’s clear we don’t! When was the last time you saw the British or American governments doing what the majority of their populations want? It almost never happens.

I can think of many examples but let me ask a question about something that been going on for a long time now. What do you think the majority would say if the people were asked if their private mobile phone calls should be monitored? I think most would be against this but it’s happening right now and we never even got consulted on it! Some readers may not believe this but you don’t have to be a genius to devise a test phone call!

The warlike, control-the-world-under-Jesus policy that Bush’s controllers are trying to implement is already eroding the freedom of American citizens and is set to apply many more restrictions on them, all in the name of anti-terrorism of course. I think it was Thomas Jefferson, one of America’s best presidents who said:

“Those who are willing to give up a little freedom for a little security, deserve neither freedom nor security”

I think he was right.


Anonymous westfield said...

The problem with freedom is that people abuse it. The ones who demand it are the ones who think they can get in my face with their insulting and offensive antics and tell me it is their right. I think I have a right to live in peace. The illusion of diminished freedom is political creation.

1:38 am  

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