Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Odious Opponents

These days it’s commonplace to see adversarial positions against theories or stances, being taken by persons who have really nothing to say and have no alternative to offer, but who are evidently following some agenda, whether stated or not. These people know they cannot win the real argument so they try to damage the reputation or ridicule the author of the original material, in doing so they fail to see they’re simply highlighting their own defeat!

The other day I came across a ridiculous claim that Judge Jones who presided over the Dover ID case, had made a serious error because he hadn’t understood the science behind so-called Intelligent Design!

How daft can you get!

Judge Jones sensibly arrived at his decision against ID precisely because there is no science behind it; a fact obviously lost on the person who made that silly claim.

Evolution is under attack from people who say that the theory is wrong because they claim Darwin was a racist. What is wrong with these people? Whether Darwin was a racist or not has absolutely no impact upon evolutionary theory which is as well supported by evidence as the theory of gravity is; sane people accept both as fact. The theory depends upon evidence, not the character or beliefs of its originator!

Let’s study this nonsense for a moment.

In Einstein’s day smoking was fashionable, almost everyone did it, that situation is now reversed; should we then reject general and special relativity theory because Einstein was a smoker?

During the war, Alan Turing cracked the German Enigma cipher and saved countless lives, should we deny his computational and mathematical genius because he was homosexual?

Should we belittle the best music of Beethoven because it was written when he was deaf?

Should we decry Watson and Crick’s discovery of DNA because of their atheism?

(A quick aside here)

When Jim Watson was accused by a reporter of playing God, he gave the following reply:

“If I don’t play God, who will?”

A cracker, you have to admit!

I think most readers would say “no” to my questions but in spite of that people with agendas (usually religious) seem quite willing to make themselves appear silly by adopting this pathetic pose against well-founded principles and theories. I have in mind a perfect example.

There is a website, “Goodschools”; I think its name is. The author appears to have no agenda although his work reeks of Creationism; he just doesn’t have the balls to admit it.

This person attacks Darwin from a racist standpoint and tries to cover up by saying that evolution is “bad science” although he offers absolutely no evidence against it. He makes a stupid attack upon Richard Dawkins, calling him a “dinosaur” and saying his arguments are “weak”, again however, he is unable to present a sensible alternative. It’s abundantly clear that Dawkins atheism, not his expertise in evolution, is the reason behind this cowardly and pointless tirade.

As you may imagine, several people (myself included) have commented upon his site pointing out the obvious flaws in his argument, he seems to welcome this, not because he may learn something or even engage in healthy debate. No, all he wants to do is meticulously pick apart their statements, not the content – he can’t do that – but the way the statement is made! Yes, that’s right; if he can’t counter your argument he will simply try his best to give you an English lesson!

This man lists himself as a school of arts and science graduate but science is evidently not his forte, he doesn't even know what a theory is, he seems to think it's an idea; a mistake common amongst those ignorant of the scientific method.

His comments are peppered with [sic]’s throughout, this leads me to think he may be an English teacher, if so; he’s the worst English teacher I’ve ever come across. He seems not to know that the main point of language is to convey meaning and apparently believes that the mechanics of it, i.e. the spelling and grammar, are more important.

I conclude that this guy is simply a Creationist sans testicles and is also, well…sic, ’er…I mean sick!

Im resiting the urg to rite him agen becoz i don’t want to add fewl to his websight, id rather he reed this and koment heer.

Medical science has made great advances recently, but squashing that God virus…well, we’re still not there!


Anonymous RealityMan said...

I agree 100 percent with you. That Goodschools web page sure as hell smells like a creationist site to me.

11:12 am  
Blogger Geo said...


I have to take another look at this guy's site, he's going to be a good subject for a post on intellectual impostures, I plan to write.

Perhaps I'll post a link so that readers can draw their own conclusions about him.

11:53 am  
Anonymous Spartan100 said...

I looked at that goodschools site, that guy is nuts. Seems like he's an english teacher and a dumb ass creationist fundie.

6:07 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you probaly come from a monkey but i got made by god

6:16 pm  

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