Thursday, July 06, 2006

Genome DVD

A few years back it was fashionable – perhaps it still is – among wealthy moribund egomaniacs, to make provision for their bodies to be stored cryogenically, in hope of a future time where science had advanced to the point that they could be thawed out and reanimated.

I wonder how long it will be before these expensive freezing facilities go out of business. Pretty quickly I think, and they’ll be replaced by much cheaper smaller establishments requiring almost no maintenance. They will still charge huge fees of course, spinning some bullshit about having to use gold or platinum DVD cases or something equally nonsensical. Now that I think of, it a DVD would be capable of storing a large family, an ordinary CD would be adequate for an individual.

I refer of course to data. It’s now possible to sequence a person’s DNA and store their entire genome as computer data. Sometime in the future it’s virtually certain that a machine capable of synthesizing DNA from data, will be built, this means today’s breed of egomaniac will pay to have their genome stored instead of all that messy flesh, blood, bones and guts. When the time comes someone like a DJ will take your CD, stick it in the machine and hit the “Go” button, a new “you” will pop (arghh) out the other end. I imagine they may even make a reality TV show of the process, perhaps titled “Weekly Resurrection”, “The Swinging Blue Genes” or something equally nauseating!

Yes, I’m having some fun here but the basics are true, indeed, if I had the capital I’d give some consideration to starting a genome storage business, you could charge half what the freezers do and still make a fortune.

Mark my words, someone will do it, just remember, you first saw the idea here!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe there will be a 'greatest hits' genome DVD!

4:55 pm  

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